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Love Where You Live

Love Where You Live – Living In Morattico

We are Kevin and Melissa Hazelgrove and we live in Mechanicsville, Virginia. We have a blended family of five boys and have come to the Rappahannock River with our kids for almost 20 years. In the spring of 2019, our youngest was getting re...

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Love Where You Live – Our City Dream

When I moved to Richmond in August of 2020 for a position at Virginia Commonwealth University, the pandemic had made it abundantly clear that this transition would not be easy. The housing market was already destabilizing. Rates were low, b...

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Love Where You Live – Living On The Water

We are Terry Comeaux and Alicia Sabo. We moved to the Northern Neck in June of 2021 after living in the Austin, Texas area for more than 20 years. My husband and I had been looking for the ideal location to settle for a very long time. I ne...

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Love Where You Live – Living In The City

For 16 years we lived in the Museum District, where we’d restored our Grace Street home from a dilapidated rooming house (purchased with crime scene tape in the backyard from a recent homicide) to a fully restored gem. We had an English b...

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