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Love Where You Live – Living On The Water

We are Terry Comeaux and Alicia Sabo. We moved to the Northern Neck in June of 2021 after living in the Austin, Texas area for more than 20 years. My husband and I had been looking for the ideal location to settle for a very long time. I never called it the retirement home, I called it the final resting place. For me, it always involved water. For Terry, it was acreage. We thought we found the ideal place in the Texas Hill Country on a lake back in 1998. One acre, 125 feet of waterfront. I got the water, but Terry really didn’t get the acres. After 20 years of owning that acre, we decided that maybe the universe had a different story for us. IF we were supposed to be in Texas, we would have managed to get a house built. With family located in other parts of the country we decided to sell that acre and start looking more toward the Eastern shores.

There are lots of possibilities on the Eastern seaboard and we entertained the shores from Virginia to Florida. When the market went crazy, we quickly realized we needed to narrow our search. We became focused on what we really wanted. Water, access to blue water, good fishing, four seasons, our own boat dock. We became clearer on the vision. We decided on Virginia.

I called a friend, Leah Coleman, a connection from real estate investing we met years ago. Leah lives in Richmond. I told her what we were looking for and I was hoping she could help us find a home in Virginia. Leah, after having a heart to heart with us, referred us to Deborah Edgar. Based on our vision, Leah was certain that Deborah could help us find what we were looking for.

That was how we were introduced to the Northern Neck and the Middle Peninsula, neither of which we had ever heard of. The purchase was whirlwind. We spoke to Deborah at length over the phone. We searched lists of properties on Realtor.Com. We watched as homes were sold out from underneath us. We made new lists. We were finally able to come to Virginia the week before Memorial Day, 2021. Deborah showed us many, many, many homes. None quite right. But on the last day, a very serendipitous event occurred. We were lucky enough to see a listing that had been listed that morning.

When you know, you know and when we pulled in to the drive and looked out at the view, my husband, Terry, said, “this is it!” And luckily, as we submitted our offer with the other offers that were also made….Deborah called us 10 minutes before we boarded our plane back to Texas to tell us that our offer had been selected. Thirty days later, we were in our new final resting place on the Little Wicomico River. We are now in the 4th season. We fish. We garden. We experience the wildlife of our cove every day. We have the best neighbors. Terry can work from home. Our pets get to run wild. We love it here more every day!

Having the right team to partner with in this buying/selling environment is essential. We trusted Deborah to handle many tasks for us as we lived out of state. She did this willingly with such grace and professionalism. This adventure was worth everything and we are so happy to be here and forever grateful to our team!

Terry Comeaux and Alicia Sabo